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Enjoy your personalized massage in an enchanting lakeside environment.

Nestled upon a small hillside, our massage studio looks out upon the shoreline of the lake. The cool breezes in the trees provide a tranquil, calming atmosphere in which you'll feel wonderfully relaxed. The benefits of massage therapy are enhanced by the gorgeous surroundings of the forest setting filled with deer, leaping bass, blue herons, egrets, hawks, and even our local eagles!

Mellow Moose Massage combines the power of sensitive touch with the knowledge of anatomy and physiology to become a valuable tool in relieving the psychological and physical suffering of stress and pain. Skillfully applied massage directly affects the structures and the functions of the body. Through regular active use of the body, nutrition, and regular massage treatments, one can discover a greater sense of well-being, far greater vitality, and a calmer, more relaxed attitude toward daily life.

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GA License MT006886

A Beautiful Setting

Massage Therapy at a Lakeside Studio

Barbara specializes in bringing the body in harmony through strength training, flexibility training, nutritonal counseling and Massage Therapy.


Massage TherapistBarbara Olsen Smith

Barbara has been in the health and fitness industry for 33 years. She combines fitness training, nutrition, and massage therapy to encompass the wellness package which she prescribes. In 1984 she was certified as an AFAA Group Fitness Instructor and a Personal Trainer. She embraced massage therapy in 2000 and recieved her National Certification in 2002 when she completed her Certificate in Health Sciences with a Major in Massage Therapy, at Greenville Technical College, Greenville, SC. In 2004 she was certified as a Nutritional Consultant through AFPA. Barbara combines the knowledge from these three modalities to inform and familiarize her clients with the benefits and harmony from this wellness package.

Barbara moved to Lake Lanier in December 2009 and proceeded to make this her new home. Currently, she combines her different "hats" to find balance in her life with her work, home, and family.

Barbara embraces her love of nature and encompasses the beauty of the North Georgia mountains, lakes, and rivers. Any day of the week you may find her "digging in the dirt" or playing on the water in her kayak or wave-runner.... enjoying a Lanier sunrise. Barbara loves to be active and will try just about any activity just for the pure joy of it. She incorporates her Personal Training skills to "play with the young'ins" in Crossfit.

Barbara is a lover of life. She finds it extremely gratifying to be able to assist people in bringing a healthy balance to their lifestyle. You will discover that she has a deep fondness for the majestic Moose. She finally saw her first moose - in Idaho! Experiencing a moose in the wild is always a quest when in potential Moose Country!


Mellow Moose Massage offers a range of massage therapy services. The use of JOJOBA oil helps in the healing of skin, due to alpha, delta, and gamma tocopherols, which are all forms of vitamin E. Every massage is tailored to meet the individual and unique needs of each client.

Combining stretching sessions with massage is a popular and effective therapeutic approach to any technique you may choose.

Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage
Medi-Cupping Massage
Deep Tissue Massage
Orthopedic Massage
Pregnancy Massage
Wellness Massage
Swedish Massage
Sports Massage

Chronic Pain Reduction
Relaxation Techniques
Stress Management
Stretching Sessions
Personal Training
Injury Treatment

Barbara specializes in neck, back and hip pain. She can help reverse injuries. caused by repetitive motion, poor posture, and poor lifting habits.

Through regular active use of the body, nutrition, and regular massage treatments, one can discover a greater sense of well-being, far greater vitality, and a calmer, more relaxed attitude toward daily life.

Ashiatsu Foot Massage

Ashi (foot) atsu (pressure) - - Ashiatsu barefoot massage technique is a luxurious experience like no other. It is a western version of an ancient Asian form of bodywork, with the use of an overhead bar support system, to provide balance and control for the therapist. Smooth gliding strokes with the feet provide a broad, firm compression for a deep tissue massage experience.

Massage Rates Pricing Plan

45 Minutes


60 Minutes


75 Minutes


90 Minutes


90 Minute Stone Massage


Package Rates Pricing Plan

60 Minute Packages

$170 - 3 Monthly 1-hour Massages

$325 - 6 Monthly 1-hour Massages

$315 - 6 Bi-Monthly 1-hour Massages

$620 - 12 Bi-Monthly 1-hour Massages

90 Minute Packages

$255 - 3 Monthly 90-Minute Massages

$490 - 6 Monthly 90-Minute Massages

$480 - 6 Bi-Monthly 90-Minute Massages

$930 - 12 Bi-Monthly 90-Minute Massages

Welcome toThe Studio

Standing above the shores of Lake Lanier, the Mellow Moose Massage Studio is a cozy getaway located along the west side of Lake Lanier. It's the perfect environment for the personal pampering you'll receive during your customized massage session. The Mellow Moose Massage experience is simply an experience you'll never forget!

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